Sunday, September 6, 2015

Booties for Fall

Do you ever just get a bee in your bonnet and decide that you cannot live without a certain fashion item?  I sure do.  Friday night, the bee in my bonnet was black suede booties.  Why on earth I decided that I couldn't live the weekend without some black suede booties, I have no idea.  I mean, it's not like the temps are even cool enough to wear something like that in Texas for another couple of months, but I decided I couldn't live without them, and went on an internet search.  I had earned a DSW rewards certificate, plus they sent out another coupon for this labor day weekend, so I looked there first.  I located several pair at my local store, in my size (which is a miracle), and headed out on Saturday morning to try and locate this item I couldn't live without.

I tried on several pair, and here are some of them...

This was the pair I went with my eye on.  It's by Adrienne Vittadini and is called "Truman".

Here it is in grey, which is very pretty too.  You can see the detail better.  I really liked the cut outs. 

This is another Adrienne Vittadini that I liked.  It is called "Thomas".  I found it hard to get on and off, and that would probably translate into me not wearing them very much, so I passed.  But they were really cute.

This pair is a Me Too brand.  The shoe is called "Devon".  The sales lady tried to convince me they weren't dressy enough because there is a suede button there on the side, and I guess she succeeded because I passed on them, but looking back, I think she is wrong.  They were VERY comfy, so I may regret not getting them.

There were several other pair I like a lot in the store, that I'm not seeing online, and in fact the pair I ended up with aren't online either.  They are by Anne Klein.  They were a little more comfy than the A.V. Truman with the cute cut-outs, and they were $30 cheaper, so I went with them...

I have a plan for this fall/winter season to revamp my work wardrobe by changing up the accessories. I'll wear the same dresses I have, but instead of jacket all the time, I'll go with the long cardigan, and pair it with tights and booties instead of normal dress pumps.  In my mind, I'll look cute :-)

Some of my inspirations...

From Nordstrom...

And pinterest...

And Pippa Middleton!  



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