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Travel Products I Love

Traveling is one of my favorite hobbies, but then shopping is too.  So when I can combine the two, and purchase travel products, it is a win-win.

My must haves for travel include:

A Good Tote Bag
I carry my tote as a purse for most of my vacationing.  I will usually take a small purse for going out at night, or a small cross-body if I think I might need that, but my tote is the workhorse of my vacation. It carries everything: all my "purse things", my big camera, a jacket, umbrella, purchases made, etc.  So yeah, I like a big tote.  My favorite is and will always be my Louis Neverfull.  As the name says, it is never full!
The new ones, have that extra little detachable bag which I love, but mine does not.  I've carried this baby to London, to Brussels, to Seattle, to Victoria, B.C., to Washington, D.C. a couple of times, to Maine, and to Boston.  It is a winner.
When I set out for my Christmas in Europe tour this past December, I didn't want to take my Louis.  Psychol…