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Packing & Travel Tips

The good news is, you are going to Europe, anything you forget, you can buy there.  That being said, I like to be as prepared as possible, because who wants to spend vacation time trying to buy a plug adapter?

These are some things I like to always pack for a trip to Europe:

Adapters vs. Converters
An Adapter makes our US plugs fit into their different shaped plugs, while a converter actually changes the voltage for our US products.  For the most part, adapters are all you will need in today's times because most of our plugs are ok to use with a range of voltage.  iPhones, camera chargers, etc. generally work with an adapter only.  The way to tell is to look at the writing on the back of your charger.  If it has a range, then it is good for those voltages.  Adapters are relatively cheap and can be purchased at travel/luggage stores, or even just on Amazon.  I google the place I'm going, and find out what type of plugs they have.  Be aware that it can change from country to cou…

A New Look

As you probably noted, I have a new look around here.  I'd like to say I was just ready for a refresh and ready to start re-blogging on the regular, but that's not the case.  Here's what happened:

I went to log on to my blog this morning to look for something and this is what I saw
I thought I had been hacked by some sort of ransom virus or something.  I looked into it further, and I sort of had.  Not an illegal virus, but I guess the cute images that I had on my blog header, sidebars, etc. had been saved on photo bucket.  Now photo bucket had decided that I needed to pay them $399.99 a year for them to house my images and post them on a 3rd party site.  Yeah.  No.   Not going to happen.  
They also seem to be holding my images hostage until I pay up, so they are basically gone forever.  Luckily, I had this on one of my instagram posts and while I could use it in a header as an image from my computer, I just decided to go with a new format and look altogether.  But I'm…