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Europe at Christmas 2018 {Day Five~Colmar, Kaysersberg, & Riquewihr}

I wasn't really sure how Day 5 was going to play out, and that isn't how I like to do things.  I like firm plans!  Originally I planned to tour some villages around Colmar and use the holiday bus as my transportation.  A month or so before I traveled, I discovered that the bus I would depend on for Day 5 only runs on the weekend.  I looked around online and couldn't find a tour company or private driver to meet my needs (there are tour companies, but many go to the wineries, and I'm a weirdo who does NOT like wine...ok that's generous...I think wine is terrible).
When I arrived at my hotel on Day 4, the front desk employee was very nice and called around for me, and the tour company offered to drive me for €250 (that's like $285...for less than 4 hours...and less than 40 miles of driving).  I took an Uber on Day 4, and that driver said he would be available to drive me the next day for €100.
I slept in a bit on Day 5 since I had been getting up early to catch …
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Europe at Christmas 2018 {Day 4~Colmar & Eguisheim}

On December 19th, I took a short 30 minute train from Strasbourg to Colmar.  Colmar is in the Alsace region in Northeast France, very near the border with Germany.  In fact, it's gone back and forth between France and Germany more than a few times in it's history, so you see influences from both countries throughout Alsace.
When I arrived, I waited for a taxi for more than 30 minutes, tried unsuccessfully to connect with an Uber, and finally decided to just walk the 1.2 miles from the train to my hotel, which was fine until it started to rain a few minutes into this decision.  Luckily, I was able to check in to my hotel room, so I could dry off and get situated before heading out.
Once I headed out, I discovered that (1) my hotel was in a great location, and (2) everywhere you look in Colmar is a fairytale and even more charming that I could have imagined!

Colmar is consistently voted one of the top Christmas markets in Europe.  I have to say after visiting my fair share of C…