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Washington, D.C. 2019 {Day 3}

Sunday was our last day in D.C.  Since we had cancelled our breakfast reservations the night before, we went to a little place down the street from our hotel called Bread and Chocolate.  Sunday was really a nasty weather day.  It was suppose to rain/sleet/snow, and we did in fact see all three, thought it was mostly rain.  
We had timed passes for 11:00 at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum.  I had been to this museum, but it had been over 20 years before.

After the museum, we hopped in a taxi and went and had lunch.  We didn't really have any lunch plans, so we went to PJ Clarke's which I had been to before, and knew was decent, and also located close to the White House.  After lunch, we walked in the rain (with a dab of snow mixed in), through Lafayette Park, so we could get a close up look at the White House.  After that, we walked to the National Museum of American History.  I had been several times before, but my thoughts about this visit is:  They have a TON of…
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Washington, D.C. 2019 {Day Two}

The weather report for Saturday ended up being mostly clear, so we got up and hit the ground running at 8:00 a.m.  We had timed museum tickets for 10:00, so this gave us 2 hours to see the monuments.  We took a taxi to the Lincoln Memorial and went from there.   One of the great parts about getting up early is that you beat the crowds.  While March 2nd is the hight of the tourist season, they were busier later in the day.
Lincoln's view
Next stop was the Korean War Veterans Memorial
Then we walked to one of my top 3 favorite memorials/monuments, the Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial

Next was probably what is my favorite, the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial... I always say this, but I just adore that Fala got his own statue...

We walked along the Tidal Basin (some of which was actually under water) around to the final of my 3 favorites... the Thomas Jefferson Memorial.