Tuesday, September 30, 2008


The Overhead Door People just showed up at my door this morning. I had my neighbor call his father-in-law, who works for Overhead Door, yesterday, but I hadn't heard back from them. Good thing I was at home!

Anyway, they started to try to insist that I needed two new panels instead of just one, but I convinced them that I only needed one. They rearranged the new panel and the one that was dented just at the top so that it works.

Jennifer was here at the house when they came and she ran to get us lunch (since they had foiled my lunch plans by showing up unannounced). They had put the really bent panel that they were replacing behind her SUV. She didn't know that and they didn't say anything to her when she got in her car to leave. She just backed right over the thing! She managed to do what we had tried to do yesterday with the mallet...flattened that sucker out!

So, we have put that in the back of our memory. Need a bent piece of metal flattened? Just run over it with a car!

So now, $125 to Overhead Door and a little bit of painting by me later, the garage door calamity of '08 has been resolved.

Lola is not a happy camper today by the way. Besides the overhead door repairmen, the two neighbors across the street are getting their trees trimmed. This is too much action for the lazy dog who prefers to sleep away the day.



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