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Guest Bath Remodel

Welcome to my newly remodeled guest bath.  Here is a sneak peak of the new look before I take you through the process... This was the before.  In the 15 years I have lived here, I had done very little.  The bathroom was carpeted when I moved in, so I took that up and did the peel and stick linoleum squares.  It also was wallpapered, and I did a make-shift texture over it and painted it a couple of times.  I also changed out the light and the mirror. I had hired someone to do the real work of this reno, but I also did some myself.  I didn't necessarily plan on redoing the walls, but I knew that when the vanity came out, it might necessitate that.  And it did.  So I took down the wallpaper... I also pulled up the tiles I had put down 15 years prior... Some were a little stubborn.  I googled the best way to remove them and found that a heat gun was recommended.  I don't have a heat gun, but I do have a hairdryer and it worked like a charm! The walls needed work, and that was an ex
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"Let's just take a look", I said.  My law partner (then roommate) and I were at the local Trade Days.  We were buying some metal planters for the porch, and I thought we should just walk down the "puppy aisle" and see the puppies for sale.  I had no intention of buying a puppy, and certainly I had never bought a puppy at a place like that.  Then I came up to a booth of white miniature schnauzers. They weighed about 2-3 lbs each and were in an aquarium.  An aquarium! "Ooh!  I'm going to pet those puppies!", I exclaimed.  "Don't pet the puppies!", Jennifer wisely said.  But I did, and there was one that was 90% ears and paws.  She was tossing paper and just generally full of spunk.  I talked to the vendor about the puppies, and then we left.  We got the planters and left the trade days.  We went to Walmart next, for what, who can even remember.  But I do recall walking down the aisles at Walmart and saying, "I need to go back and

Home Office Redecorating Project

I normally work from my home office, but not as much as I have been during COVID since my court hearings are happening in my office via zoom, and I'm teaching from my computer.  At some point in April, I decided I could NOT take it anymore.  The office was jam-packed with too much furniture, odds and ends, and mismatched stuff.  I decided to redecorate and use a blush, navy, and gold color pallet.  Redecorating was a bit of a challenge given shipping delays, inability to shop in stores, and what I have ended up calling COVID Depot (that's Home Depot, but it is so crowded and none of the idiots there wear masks, so you are just asking for it if you go there). First here are the before pics... I wasn't exaggerating.  Too much stuff.  It was a mess.  Now, my law partner used to live several towns over, and at one point we both worked out of here (thus the two desks), but that hasn't been the case in forever, so it was time to get rid of stuff and rearrange.