Sunday, December 14, 2008

Happy Birthday Mom!

Today is my Mom's birthday!

Top 10 Things About My Mom:
(10) She has touched the lives of thousands of kids through teaching and administrative positions (including this kid...she was my Kindergarten teacher), and they all love her.
(9) She's a little nutty, but fun!
(8) She has always sacrificed things for herself to make sure I get the things I need or want...
paying for school, gifts, you name it. She's bought me countless designer bags, but only got one for herself this birthday (from Dad).
(7) She loves her grand-dogs just like they were actual kids (down to monogrammed Christmas stockings, birthday present and Christmas presents).
(6) She can't make a decision to save her life (which Dad & I constantly give her a hard time about), but that is just a sign that she is very easy to please and that's not a bad attribute to have!
(5) The example she sets to be thoughtful of others: There isn't an illness or death in town that she doesn't cook a pie and send it over, or a holiday or birthday that she doesn't make something for the people at school.
(4) She taught me many life lessons, but one of the most important is to be thankful. She always sends thank you notes even if it is something as simple as keeping Milly for the night and she always made sure I was appreciative of what I was given.
(3) She never sits still! Sometimes I think she should take a break, I mean what really will happen if the ironing doesn't get done tonight, right? But this comes in very handy sometimes. One time that is handy is when you are moving. My ex-roommate Jennifer nicknamed her the drill sergeant after a day of Mom's assistance moving. She doesn't let you rest and really helps you get things done (this is good and really appreciated almost at all times except the day you finished day 3 of the bar exam!).
(2) She has always cooked fabulous food all the time. There was hardly ever a night when there wasn't a home cooked meal on the table. Now she will always cook my favorites when requested at holidays (even when she already is cooking a ton of food) and she makes sure she purchases blackberries in the summer to freeze so she can make me my favorite cobblers all year round!
(1) She is always there when you need her, whatever the request. She has nursed both Dad and myself through numerous surgeries when we are at our grumpiest and never told us to fend for ourselves even when we deserved it!
Happy Birthday Mom!!!!


Emilymud said...

Oh so sweet. Happy Birthday to your mom too!


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