Friday, January 16, 2009


Today was the day for Lola to go to Wichita Falls for her check-up. Most dogs that have been through her ordeal don't want to go back into the vet clinic, but not Lola, she was super excited as soon as we pulled up! Everyone at the hospital got to see the real Lola today, not the sick Lola they were used she was freshly groomed and super spunky and talkative!

Because her progress had been so good, they just did blood tests instead of another ultrasound. When the results came back, Joe (our vet) couldn't believe it. He was amazed. He said that he could tell that all of her organs were functioning better and as far as the pancreas goes, some pancreatic enzyme that they measure was off the charts the other day (which I guess 1500 is where they stop measuring and her's was even higher than that) and today it was 500 which was perfectly normal!

Now she may be able to have her bladder stones removed as early as March instead of the 5 months they thought a couple of weeks ago.

I met my Dad in Henrietta for the Lola handoff. He hadn't been home long before he called to see if Lola could eat rawhides. I of course said, "NO WAY!". He said Lola went outside and found one that Milly had taken out to hide and brought it in, but he took it away from her. Poor Lola, I'm sure she thought she had found quite the treasure only to have it taken away!

Well off to finish some work that needs to be done. Then maybe I can figure out what to pack.

-Off to NOLA



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