Friday, January 9, 2009

Finally, Christmas!

A little late, but I guess better than never! Here are our Christmas photos...

Below is actually a photo of Christmas Eve. Lola keeping watch over the stockings.
It's finally Christmas morning! Lola waiting patiently to see what Santa brought her!
Lola and her Santa loot (unfortunately all of her favorite treats that Santa brought aren't on her new restrictive diet, so they were returned to Wal-Mart yesterday!)

Milly opening her stocking stuffers.

Milly and her new hedgehog toy.

Mom's side of the family came for lunch. Here is Lola and her great-grandma, Raenell.

My grandma Raenell and me--Stuffed from a great lunch (thanks mom!)
My grandma was getting a real treat from my grandfather... A surprise trip to Maui (her dream trip). To unveil the surprise, we bought her several things to take on the trip and wrapped them all separately (travel bags, hawaiian shirts, etc.) Here she was unwrapping the flip flops that we bought her. I'm sure she thought we had all lost our minds as she unwrapped present after present of random out of season gifts!
Here she is with the BIG UNVEIL! See her surprise and disbelief!
Still in disbelief with tears in her eyes. Everyone was choked up including my grandfather, who according to my 9 year old cousin Gracie, even had tears in his eyes (so Gracie gave him credit and shouted "You ROCK Papa!")

Below is my little cousin Maddie showing off her new Tech shirt. This girl has seen the light! She was a Texas fan (boo!) until a week before Christmas when she came home and announced, "I LOVE Texas Tech! That is where I'm going!" She instructed her Dad to throw away all her Longhorn gear and buy her a Tech shirt. Smart girl!


Abby said...

Is your grandpa going or is she taking you? I love that you are converting the girls!!

Kara said...

No, though I sooooo wanted to go, my uncles thought she should go with her friend Joyce, so my grandpa is sending them both.


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