Thursday, January 15, 2009

Getting Ready...

Well, not really. I should be getting ready for my trip to New Orleans, but I've been procrastinating.

I just found out (Thanks Abby) that we are lucking onto a great art exhibit in NOLA called Prospect 1. It closes on Sunday, so we will have Saturday and Sunday to see it. Several of the installations you can walk to, but others you can take a free shuttle service to them. Several are in the lower 9th, which of course really excited Lisa and I (I'm sure much to the dismay of our family). We both can't wait to go see the reconstruction that is going on in the Lower 9th. Maybe we will run into Brad and Angie since they are doing their big project there...wouldn't that be exciting!

This is apparently a really big was even written up in "New York Magazine". Lisa and I have a way of dumb-lucking ourselves into these large "art events". When we were in NYC 4 years ago, they had just put up the huge art installation "The Gates" in Central Park that people from all over the world were flocking in for.

I still need to do some laundry so I have clean clothes and have NO idea what I'm packing. Tomorrow is going to be mostly a waste with the travels to the vet in WF and then leaving Lola with her granddad. I HAVE to get all packed tomorrow though because I'm leaving the house at 5:30 a.m. on Saturday to catch our 7:30 a.m. flight (seemed like a good idea when we were booking it!).

On an iphone sidenote, I'm LOVING my iphone. I love several of the features that I didn't even know about when I purchased it yesterday. Lisa has just requested that I download an application called "Lightsaber" for our trip to NOLA. If you turn in on, it will turn your phone into a lightsaber (like from Star Wars) and makes sounds like lightsaber fighting. I told her that I thought that might be a little too nerdy for me, but she said "Oh no, if we start getting mugged in NOLA, you can turn it on". I said "Lisa, it's not a REAL lightsaber! It won't really work!" To which she replied, "No, but they will think we are crazy and everyone is scared of the crazies!". So on that logic, I just downloaded it (primarily because it was free).


Abby said...

I love that you all are going and I would love to go to the ninth ward. I can't wait to hear about your trip. Good luck and may the force be with you!!


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