Sunday, January 11, 2009

Golden Sunday

I'm so excited because tonight is the Golden Globes. I LOVE the Golden Globes and last year they were cancelled due to the writers strike, so it has been a while. I'm trying to get all my chores for the day done so that I can enjoy them tonight. I love watching the red carpet before hand and the entire awards show.

I've made some progress this weekend with my list of "to do's"... 2 of the 3 tress are undressed and taken down. I just have to finish taking down the decorations in my bedroom and then my house is Christmas-free again.

I've also started the process of revising a syllabus for each of my three classes. I wanted to be done with that well before now, but as you know, some things came up over the holidays and well, nothing went as planned! Hopefully I will be done with that today also.

For a Lola update: Her appetite has completely returned to normal. She loves the newest of her new food. She also has plenty of toys drug out, so that is also a good sign that things are returning to normal around here.



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