Monday, January 12, 2009

Monday all Day!

Today is the day after the Globes, so I have to give me recap of things I liked, things I disliked. Loved, loved, loved that Kate Winslet won two globes last night. Have loved Kate for years (since "Sense and Sensibility") and though she has been nominated several times, has never won. I was very pleased that "John Adams" won almost every time anything from that was nominated. It was simply fabulous! The only downside to "John Adams" winning was that it beat out a nomination from "Recount" which was also great. I'm sad I hadn't seen more of the nominated movies, but that gives me a goal moving toward the Oscars.

Today is also a day when I think my job sucks. I found out that a client that I represented killed herself. More distressing is that I represented her in a CPS action where the state had removed her kids. She really hadn't done anything major to cause any harm to the kids, so I fought for months and months and finally got her the darn kids back. Then I find out today that she killed herself in her house with her kids present. So glad I fought to get those kids returned so that they can now be scarred for life!

I need a vacation... good thing one is scheduled for this weekend!


The Cooper Family said...

That is so awful, Kara! I am so sorry.

Abby said...

Oh Kara, I am so sorry. I can't wait for you to report back on N.O.

Emilymud said...

That does stink....but at least you were still on a small GG high! Sounds like some of the parents I have at my school. I have one child that has been removed 3 times this year...and is now back in my class for the 4 time, what will happen next?


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