Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Today, my sweet little pup turns 4. I never thought I would be so excited and thankful to see a 4th birthday, but after the December/January that we had, it is truly a blessing! In some ways I can't believe that it has already been almost 4 years since I saw that cute tiny puppy at the Trade Days, but in other ways, I can't believe that she has only been in my life for 4 years!

Here is a little trip down memory lane with some photos of Lola Marie... my little rat/squirrel/rabbit/opossum chasing, paper tearing, non-stop talking, sock stealing bundle of energy!

8 week old Lola, the day I adopted her

Almost 3 month old Lola getting her first taste of paper...and the addiction begins!

Lola's second Halloween

This cute hoodie was perfect for her, it said "Spoiled" on the back.

She hated it, so it was returned after some cute photos were taken.

She seriously hated the Tinkerbell costume. It too was returned after photos!

Now this sweater from Gap was a winner! She still wears it when it gets cold.

Sometimes even a princess likes to get muddy

Below are some possibly illegally scanned photos from her professional photo shoot in October

Probably my favorite... I love her smile!



Emilymud said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY LOLA!! You are so cute...if you get a little something in the mail with no card, well that is from us. Winston was very upset with me becuase the day we mailed it I couldn't find the card. The card is following the package somewhere in the mail. Love Winsotn (mommy had to type for me)


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