Saturday, February 7, 2009

Aloha Update

Well hopefully the trip is all uphill from here for Raenell and Joyce! They boarded their plane and sat on it for over an hour with maintenance men walking up and down the isle. I think they got pretty excited by this as you can imagine.

They were finally taken off the plane and switched from Terminal D to Terminal C where a new plane was suppose to arrive for them. Finally their new plane took off at 3:50 this afternoon (3 hours late) which of course screwed up their connecting flight to from Oahu to Maui. After many phone calls and some work of their own, they are now on the latest flight out of Oahu. Problem with this is they may not get to the car rental place before they close at 11:00 and the shuttles don't run from the airport that late! Mark called and because he is a preferred customer at the car rental place and he booked the trip with his preferred number, they have to thankfully stay open an hour later for them to get their car if need be! YEAH!

I hope they had a day of R&R planned for tomorrow because I think they are going to be a couple of tired ladies!



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