Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Legal Funny

It's been a long time since I posted a Legal Funny... not because funny things haven't been happening, but because most of the time it is a "had to be there" thing or you have an in depth understanding of what we do on a daily basis and therefore get why some of the things that are a little demented are funny.

That being said, I think this is one that everyone can appreciate as funny (though now as I type this, I realize that most of you are going to think is more sad than funny, again with the context thing, but anyway, I'm going to share!).

Yesterday I received a phone call from a Dad wanting to know about emancipation of a minor. I'm thinking, okay his kid wants to be emancipated, right? NO! He was wanting to start proceedings to emancipate his kid because his kid was causing him problems! So I said, "Sorry to report to you sir, that you can't emancipate your kid just because he is causing problems. That is called having a teenager. Congratulations, he's yours until he turns 18!"



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