Monday, February 23, 2009

Tired Monday

I was pretty tired this morning after staying up so late watching the Oscars. Lola was snoring well before the main awards were given out, but of course I stayed up late for the whole thing. Then I was so keyed up, I had trouble going to sleep before midnight!

I kind of failed at my Oscar race. I didn't make it to see "The Reader" yesterday. I decided that with two sets of tests to grade, a stinky dog to bathe, 4 loads of laundry to do, etc. that I just didn't have time to go to another movie. However, I did manage to watch 2 of my netflix movies this weekend, "The Duchess" and "Changeling". I'm counting those toward my Oscar race because both were nominated for several Oscars.

Overall I was pretty please with the Oscars. I thought Hugh did a great job (the little we saw of him). I was very happy that Sean Penn won best actor. Though I still haven't seen "The Wrestler", I cannot imagine that Mickey could have possibly done a better job than Sean did in "Milk". I enjoyed "Slumdog" when I saw it on Saturday. I'm not surprised that it won as I believe that it has a broader audience than the other nominated flicks.

I had really been hoping that I would win Oprah's Oscar giveaway. I registered online and even made Lisa register. You were suppose to get a call on Saturday and then be jetted off to L.A. to attend Oprah's Oscar show today. Like every other contest I enter (or lottery I play), I really did believe that I would win (and in my mind had even selected an outfit to wear), so imagine my disappointment when Oprah didn't call on Saturday. Lisa better not have won and taken someone else or there will be some hell to pay! I guess now I will just have to move on and play MegaMillions tomorrow night. I heard the amount was over $100 million. Time to start daydreaming about how I'm going to spend all my money after tomorrow night's drawing!


Abby said...

Great review. Glad you were happy with the outcome.

The Cooper Family said...

Guess what...I won 4 movie tickets and a concession coupon from the Star-Telegram's Oscar contest. Granted, I didn't pick all the correct winners, but I did was one of 20 randomly selected winners. Sorry you didn't win Oprah's contest!


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