Saturday, February 21, 2009

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I'm still following ER. It isn't the most compelling show on TV, but then I figure I have so much time invested, I'm going to see it through. The season is going to end the first of April and between now and then (and really they've been doing this all season), they are bringing back old cast members. I'm of course most excited that Doug and Carol (George Clooney and Julianna Marguiles for those of you not in the know) are coming back!

This week kicked off a run with the return of Dr. John Carter (played by Noah Wiley). I was excited about this as Dr. Carter has been an important part of the show...he started off as a student back in the early days, transitioned to an actual doctor, then an attending, and then left the show to go work in Darfur. I was so bummed to find out (spoiler alert here if you haven't watched your DVR'd show) that Dr. Carter has come back but is sick! I now so hate to see Noah Wiley on TV! He is either on a sad commercial talking about how we are killing polar bears, or now he is back on ER possibly dying himself!

As far as movies go, I have 3 netflix movies here at the house that I've been wanting to see ("The Duchess", "Burn after Reading" and "Changeling"). I could really spend the weekend watching those, but I've had a burst of energy and now think that I can get close to finishing the race to see all the Oscar nominated movies before the show starts tomorrow night. I'm going to try really hard to see "Slumdog" and "The Reader". This will just leave "Frost/Nixon" unseen. Wish me luck!

Then of course tomorrow evening will be one of my favorite evenings all year...The Oscars. Can't wait to see the red carpet and the show. The show is suppose to be "very different" this year and is being hosted by one of my favorites, Hugh Jackman. I'm just sad that my friends Jennifer and Suzanna and I don't live close enough to have our Oscar party like we did in law school. It was so much fun and we always had our favorite "party" foods to see us through the long evening!

P.S. Does anyone remember me mentioning that I went to see "Nights in Rodanthe"? I don't know whether to Netflix it or not because I don't remember if I've seen it. I know I read the book back in the summer in preparation for the movie coming out, but I don't know if I've seen it or not. The previews on T.V. look familiar but I don't know if that is because I saw the previews before, or because I saw the movie! HELP! I'm possibly having early dementia!


Abby said...

You will be glad to know that I watched High School Musical 3 last night...a far cry from an oscar winner!!


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