Saturday, March 28, 2009

Easter Bunny & Earth Hour

I had to get up at 6 this morning. Not really what I wanted to do on a Saturday morning, but I had to leave my house by 6:30 to get down to Plano to participate in Breakfast with the Easter Bunny. This is a fund raiser for an organization called Journey of Hope. I really like Journey of Hope. It is a great organization that provides free grief counseling for children, teen and parent(s) who have lost a parent or sibling or is in a situation where their death is imminent.

Like last year, I worked at the cookie decorating station. I basically used food coloring and dyed a lot of icing and then was the official rationer of icing to the kids. I put the icing blob on their cookie, and then they get to spread it all around the cookie and go hog wild with the sprinkles (and lord knows they do...basically they have a little cookie with their sprinkles).

Also like last year, I was annoyed by the same family. They apparently come every year and I remember their method of operation from year to year: Mom comes up with little girl. In the middle of little girl decorating, mom walks off. Little girl makes a huge mess and uses up approximately 20 kids portion of sprinkles. Then they leave. Brother of same family comes up. Wants not one but all 5 colors of icing on his cookie. My co-worker says "ok, a little of each." To which annoying kid replies "No! A lot of each!" To which my co-worker says "hugh?". I'm like, "Don't worry, I've got it." The kid screams "that's not enough". I reply "that's all your getting." Co-worker looks at me perplexed. Then this kid proceeds to use at least 25 kids portions of sprinkles. He leaves, co-worker looks at me and I say "Just wait, they will be back". Sure enough 11:00 rolls around and annoying mom of annoying kids comes back and tells some story about how they lost their cookies and would like two more (yup, you got it, same story as last year).

Maybe I'm being harsh, but seriously can you imagine being so horrible that someone from a cookie decorating booth remembers you from year to year (also I don't believe they are actually a "grief" family from JOH, but just people who participate in the breakfast every year).

Now for Earth Hour... Lola and I are participating in Earth Hour. This is the hour in every time zone around the earth where people who are participating turn out their lights. It occurs in each time zone between 8:30 and 9:30 p.m. Lola and I have been basically sitting in the dark for about 45 minutes (only light around here is the light of the t.v. and now my computer as I've taken to blogging to finish passing this long dark hour). I'm not wholly sure what big change this is suppose to make, but we are participating nonetheless!



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