Friday, March 20, 2009

Getting Ready for Easter

My blog was ready for Easter before my house was. I intended to get the house Easter ready as soon as I got back home today, but as they say, "the best laid plans of mice and men often go awry!". As I'm sure I mentioned at some point in an earlier blog, I had horrible back pain from about November to January. I had just noticed the other day that I have probably only medicated myself about once in the last 4 weeks. Well, I bent over to pick up Lola today to put her in the car and immediately was hit with horrible back pain again. I took some of my Excedrin Back pain meds on the way home and they didn't phase it a bit. I managed to get into the house and lay on the couch with Lola for most the afternoon, but I have to say that I was still in pretty bad pain. I went to my medicine cabinet and dug out some Norflex from like 8 years ago. I took one of those and it is feeling a little better, so I decided that since I don't have too many Norflex left, it may be now or never for the Easter decorations, so I hopped to it.

I was not feeling well enough to get ALL of my Easter decorations out (you probably won't be seeing my Bunny Village out this year), but I did manage to get some out. Here are a few photos of some of the decorations... I couldn't bore you with every single decoration.

Here is the path leading to the front of the house. These Eggs are new for this year.
Entrance way
Close-up photo of the new bunny by the front door
Close-up of the Welcome sign (you couldn't really see it very well in the other photo)
Backyard flag and Lola who felt well enough to venture outside for a few minutes of sunshine
All these mantle decorations are new... the chick and bunny look like foil wrapped chocolates.
They must not be very photogenic because they really are cuter in person!
My Easter Tree
The Kitchen Table
A close-up of a place setting (pretend like I've made it to Williams Sonoma to purchase the candles that are suppose to be in the bunny candle holders)

And this has nothing to do with Easter, but while in Nocona, I of course did a little shopping at Dolly's. I'm still contemplating whether to buy something that I found there for my coffee table, but I did make my mind up and purchase a new kitchen rug. I have my fingers crossed that Lola doesn't eat this one (she has eaten every rug I really like and of course leaves the ones I don't love alone altogether!)
A close-up of the rug


Emilymud said...

Oh it looks should come do my house next. I think I have like 2 Easter things...


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