Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Getting Rich off the Insurance Companies

Finally! I'm getting rich off of the Insurance Companies! Well, not really, but I am saving some money...

First a little background... my Mom and Dad have sold their 5th Wheel trailer and purchased a Motor Coach (aka: the Rock Star Tour Bus) to faithfully follow Jake and his band. I have included a photo just so you get the full grasp of it:

Okay, so back to the insurance story. Mom and Dad called our insurance agent in Nocona and were told that Progressive would give a better rate on the tour bus than Allstate (who we all have auto insurance with). Then Mom traded in her truck since it is no longer needed to pull the 5th wheel and got a new little SUV, and called the insurance company about that too. Sharon, our insurance lady told Mom that she might rather have her auto insurance with Progressive too because they cover your pets if you have an accident. Now it really isn't enough to cover all vet bills if your pet is really injured, but it pays up to $500 if your pet is injured and $500 if your pet is killed (which clearly I wouldn't think a million bucks was enough, but as my Mom said, "It could at least pay for part of our therapy that we would need if something like that did happen.").

So I told Mom to tell Sharon to run my numbers too and see how much it would cost for me to switch to Progressive. I just got the numbers via e-mail and I will save and astounding $527 per year with Progressive! Allstate has been ripping me off!!!!

Then as if that isn't enough of a savings on insurance for one day, I received a check in the mail for $35 from State Farm because they have apparently been deducting too much money from my account for my personal articles (jewelry) policy.

So today I feel like I'm getting rich off the insurance companies!!!! If you have a pet, check on Progressive and see if you can cover your pet AND save money like me!


Abby said...

WOW!! That is a very impressive Rock Star touring Bus. Serious business there.

I'm glad that you switched from all state!!


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