Monday, March 16, 2009

The Most Fantastic Day

Well, Spring Break is in full swing. Not much exciting going on (as I've mentioned), but I have had a most fantastic day. Not a day where everything went perfect mind you... here are some examples of the bad parts:

(1) I went to the courthouse for a plea. The District Court my case was in, was locked up for Spring Break. No biggie, I can go to the auxillary court for this plea. Except...the file was locked in the judge's chambers and it took 45 minutes to find someone with a key who would unlock it and get the file. Then it had taken so long to find the file, that I got put behind the contested matters in Auxillary court and just for a reference, those hearings are at least 40 minutes each!

(2) My new neighbor is having tiling done. They have had the saw set up in the garage, which I could hear and was annoying, but tolerable. Today they moved it to the back patio which is about 6 feet from my kitchen and thus sounded like it was running in my kitchen ALL DAY LONG! Needless to say, my nap I was so wanting to take didn't happen.

(3) I have continued to blow through 1 box of kleenex today.

(4) Earlier at the outlet mall I discovered two credit cards missing (since when?) and have spent 2+ hours on the phone trying to cancel without any luck on one of them until my bank opens in the morning. AAAAHHHHH!!

Anyway, I point out all the horrible parts of my day to let you know how much certain things provide a HUGE pick-me-up for me... Although, it should be mentioned that I was still on a bit of a high this morning because I did return some make-up yesterday and exchanged for some that I like better. You all know that new make-up is a huge high for me and it hadn't burned off this morning because I was just getting to try my new fabulous blush! In addition to make-up my other two addictions and things that give me huge purchasing highs come from purses and shoes. Well, I think I hit the jackpot today!

Below is my new purse that I got at the Coach outlet. I've been eyeing it for a while and today I just went on a "looking" trip with Lisa, but it was on a huge sale and I had to purchase (they were running dangerously low!)

And as if that wasn't enough... I got these fabulous shoes at Neiman's Last Call! (and they are the Cole Haan's with Nike Air technology, so they are reasonably comfortable too)
Needless to say, with the purchase of make-up, shoes and a purse within 24 hours, this high may not wear off for days. Seriously, why do people need drugs and alcohol?


Abby said...

Fabulous.LOVE LOVE the Purse...I think I would LOVE LOVE the shoes too if I ever had occasion to wear such.

I need make up. I may schedule a trip to visit you and make you go make up shoping with me!!


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