Monday, April 20, 2009

Additional Progress Report

Here are some additional photos from my spray paint palooza this weekend!

Chaise Lounge Chairs were repainted and also the side table. See... Lola is still white so I didn't paint EVERYTHING! Also, you can see the new cushions I purchased last month at Garden Ridge.
I also had to repaint my little bistro table. These cushions are kind of new. I could never find this size anywhere, so I purchased some outdoor fabric and my grandmother recovered them for me. I think they turned out very nice.

Now, I realized today that one of the upsides to being an adult is that when you have a self imposed grounding, you can also end the grounding early for a special circumstance! I was at Garden Ridge today and was wondering around looking at everything because this one in particular has become quite the ghetto flea market. Anyway, I happened upon tables and tables of books for $2.99 and $3.99. That's cheaper than Half Price Books! I actually stumbled upon one that was on my "To Buy Once Ungrounded" list, but found a couple (okay, several) others that I couldn't resist!

I got all of these for $26!!!!

I thought it had been a pretty good day for a Monday, but then I got an awful e-mail. I was appointed by the County to represent an indigent inmate. Fine, no biggie, I do that all the time, right? Well this one is charged with Animal Cruelty (Non-livestock)! Now being a person who things animal cruelty equates to putting a dog in a not-so-cute collar, can you imagine my horror? I won't take these cases for any amount of money, but now I'm stuck with this one and will get paid peanuts from the County. You people seriously need to pray for me to get through this one... UGHH!!!!


Abby said...

We will say lots of prayers for you!! Maybe you should show up for your client meeting with a I Love Dogs shirt on!!

The Cooper Family said...

I love the black and white cushions! I have been grounding myself from Garden Ridge...after seeing how cute those cushions are I think I need to continue to stay away from there.


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