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Happy Easter! I hope that the bunny came to see you and brought you some yummy chocolate. I will give an Easter update in a moment, but I want to update on what I did Saturday after I blogged.

I watched all the movies I had from Netflix. "Doubt" was really good with great acting by everyone...Meryl Streep, Viola Davis, Phillip Seymour Hoffman, and Amy Adams. "In Treatment" disk one included the first 5 episodes. I had heard some good things about it and knew that Blair Underwood was nominated for his role, but primarily I got it because of Gabriel Byrne. I love him in almost everything he is in, but I think this is a really interesting series and I can't wait to get some more disks and continue watching. As for "Marly & Me", well I was correct that I had no business watching this in public... I cried so hard I had to stop the movie and regroup. It was ugly!

I picked up some beautiful peppers the other day at Market Street on sale and decided to make fajitas.

Just in case you didn't believe me, I took some photos of the pepper and onions.

Love all the color!

Anyway, the plan was to make the fajitas (both meat and vegetables) outside because then it wouldn't stink up the house or dirty up the kitchen too much. I was planning to cook both chicken and beef fajitas. I went out to the grill to turn it on and all went well. I went back to put the meat on and realized that I had just ran out of propane! Of course, I was ready to cook everything at that point and had the rice cooking on the stove already, so I didn't want to leave to go buy some propane, so I just cooked in the house instead.

The red, green and purple look so pretty, but stunk up the house!

Now for the Easter report: Below are the easter "baskets" that I put together for everyone I was going to see today.

Here are the "Chicks Rule" buckets that I put together for my cousins Maddie and Gracie.
Here are the ones for Lola and Milly (though I was sad that my parents came without Milly today, so I didn't get to see if she liked her treats)
Here are the bunny bags that I did for my parents
Lola examining her easter basket this morning...
She is very difficult to buy for now because she can't have real treats. A new bone is always a good bet and she loves toys, but seriously, I may have to add on a room for all her toys! I filled up some eggs with her approved treats (prescription dog food kibble) and she LOVED it!
Here is the cute doggy easter bag that her grandparents brought her. It has the cutest bunny in it along with a new pink bone and some new puppy shampoo.
Mom, Dad and I all went down to Dallas to eat at Al Biernat's, our usual Easter routine. This year was a little different. Usually, they have a set menu where you choose from an appetizer, main course and dessert. This year, it was just a regular brunch menu. We all had our usual appetizer of salad. For the main course, we all varied. I had Filet Oscar, Mom had the prime rib and Dad tried the blackened pork chops. Luckily Dad shared and his pork chops were the best things ever! He said they were the best ones he has ever had in his life! Of course for dessert we all had the coconut cream pie...Al's is the BEST coconut cream pie on earth. It was super yummy and always a treat to go to one of my favorite restaurants on the holiday. This year Lisa, Mito, Tommy and Lisa's parents were there too, so I got to see all of them and wish them a Happy Easter.
After lunch we briefly stopped by my uncle's house so I could give the girls their Easter buckets.
Now, Lola and I are just chilling out on the couch, way too full from lunch. Hope you all are having a good day too!


Emilymud said…
It looks like you had an amazing Easter. I am so happy Lola loved her goodies...I am also glad I am not the only one who makes an Easter basket for the dog!

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