Thursday, April 9, 2009


Montague County seems to be on fire again. I'm trying to keep up with it and everyone from class right now. I am giving a test so it is allowing me to monitor

I think a good deal of my grandfather's land has burned. I see on wfaa that the fire on his place is one they are saying is "out of control". That's great because when I spoke with my grandmother an hour and half ago that is exactly where they were instead of in town at their house.

I just spoke with my parents and they were heading toward the fires in Montague because Dad needed to turn off the pumps at his oil leases over there.

I hate that my family seems to be going the opposite direction from where they should be!

I'll keep you posted...


Emilymud said...

Man it has been out of control today. The apartments over by my place went down in flames tonight. I hope all is okay with your family.

Ann said...

How scary. I hope everything turns out okay.


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