Sunday, April 26, 2009

A Full Weekend

This was really a weekend full of activities. Saturday morning I went to Fort Worth to visit my friend Suzanna and her family. I hardly EVER make it to Fort Worth. Usually Suz is the one nice enough to travel over this direction to see me (though I figure I'm only part of it since the outlet mall is so close to my house!). She has been remodeling some bathrooms, so I decided it was time for me to make the journey southwest of here to visit her for a change!

We went to Fred's Texas House for lunch and feasted on hamburgers. It has apparently been recognized by The Food Network's "Guy's Diners, Drive-ins and Dives". It was yummy. After lunch we took an adventure to an interesting area of town to the Habitat for Humanity Re-Sale shop (located next door to the Grande Goodwill and a Mercado). Suz had heard that they get appliances donated by Lowes when special orders go bad. Though we weren't really in the market for such a things, we decided to go look.

On the way back to Suz's house we started talking about my parents and their Rock-Star-Tour-Bus. I then remembered that they were suppose to be in Fort Worth on Saturday night too. I called and sure enough, they were parked down in the Stockyards in the bus.

Suz's little guy, Bennett, loved the bus. My mom showed him how to push buttons and raise the visor on the front window, and do all sorts of other stuff. It really seemed like a 3 year old boy's dream. I think Matt, Suz's husband, thought it was a 30-something year old man's dream once he discovered the HD big screen tv and the cold beer!

Here is a pic of Bennett (bad camera phone pic, but isn't he cute).

The other treat of the day was that Bennett showed me his new guitar and sang me a song. He was so cute, I really wish I had gotten a photo of that! I don't know why I didn't except that it is hard to think of taking a photo when you are being serenaded!

I made it back to McKinney about 7:00 and then Billy came over for dinner and a movie. I had promised a home cooked meal to my poor friend, but then stayed in Fort Worth too long, so he got take out from Pei Wei instead. We watched "The Wrestler". It was good. Good acting. A little depressing. At least that was my evaluation, Billy thought it was "awesome".

Today, I met Lisa and her little boy, Tommy to see Disney's "earth".

I proposed this outing and Tommy said that he "guessed he could go with us". I was a little offended and told Lisa to tell him he had it all wrong. Since he didn't have a job or a car, I guess we would take him with us was more like it! Seriously, I don't know when we got so uncool that a 10 year old doesn't want to go somewhere with us. 8 years ago he loved me, now I'm only tolerable! I would have taken a photo of us all at the movie, but I thought that might be pushing it!

I don't really do well with all the "circle of life" stuff, but I thought "earth" would be safe for me to watch. I mean it is rated "G" and a Disney flick. I should have known better... I mean they are the company that killed Bambi's mom after all. Of course, not long into it I was digging for kleenex and crying. I still don't understand why the stupid camera man couldn't toss some food out of the helicopter to the poor starving polar bear! If you are contemplating taking your children, I will point out that the kids seemed to fare much better with the whole "circle of life" crap than I did!


Emilymud said...

Wow you were busy...I am glad to see you made it to my part of the world. I do love Freds too, I tried to take Abby and Brian there but Brian didn't think it was a good idea. Who knows!

Abby said...

We are still up for Freds...just not a jam'n college night!!

Looks like so much fun and Bennett is so cute!! I think I will skip Earth. I think it might kill me!!

Ann said...

Thanks for the warning about "Earth." I'm not cut out for the "circle of life" stuff. It kills me every time.

The Cooper Family said...

We had so much fun...thanks for coming over!!!

anne.opperman said...

Kara, good to hear from you! you've done a great job with this. I need you to come take care of things at my house. But, we are wondering, do you still make two trips to the Lancome counter each year? I miss hearing about the shopping adventures. anne at MSU


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