Friday, April 10, 2009

Good Friday

...And it was a good Friday! I slept as late as I wanted and then started my day. I went to the outlet mall to do a couple of things... pay on my account at Ann Taylor and Neimans, see whether the wallet I'm eyeing at Coach has been marked down any, and stop by Gap to use a $5 off any purchase coupon and get a price change on a sweater I purchased last week that is now 30% off. After that I headed to The Shops at Legacy. I had lunch at Taco Diner and then saw "Sunshine Cleaners" at the Angelika. Sorry Abby, despite your speculation, you were wrong, no way-no how was I going to see Hannah Montanna. :) I hate that little Miley Cyrus...not quite as much as I hate Ann Curry from the Today Show, but almost that much!

After that, I went to the mall to do an exchange at White Barn Candle and I hit up a sale at Gap Body. Then I headed home to let Lola outside (I was sure by this point she would be standing with her legs crossed!). Aside from the horrendous traffic on the way home, it was a pretty good day.

Below is a photo of what crazy Lola was up to all day while I was gone. For some reason she had placed two of her Ellies by the front door. I don't know why they were trying to escape. Her third Ellie (yes we have three just alike and she has all three of them out at ALL times) was placed similarly by my bedroom door.

Check out this cookie!
Don't all rush over here. I did not make cookies. I repeat, I did NOT make cookies. This was a cookie that I purchased over at a bakery today. I thought it was so clever! Instead of going to the trouble to put on a bunny face, they just made it a bunny butt! If I make Easter cookies next year, I will have to remember this.
For an update on Thursday's fires: I spoke with the family today. My Mom had quite the story about she and my Dad driving through the fires to get to the leases to shut off the pumps. Too scary. My grandmother said that a good deal of their land burned but they were able to get the cattle moved from pasture to pasture so they didn't get burned up. Hopefully we will get some much needed rain up there this weekend and that will help the land all around Montague County go from a "war scene" to green pretty quickly.



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