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I love Make-up!

I just heard a comment from a friend at MSU wanting to know if I still loved to shop and if I still go to the make-up counter religiously.... YES!

I love to shop for just about anything. I shop for myself. I shop for friends. Heck sometimes, I end up shopping for people I barely know!

My favorite shopping splurges are purses, shoes, and make-up (including other face cleaning, moisturizing, etc.). I have always had a thing for make-up. I remember the first time my Mom took me to the Clinique make-up counter... HEAVEN! I haven't stuck with Clinique over the years though. In fact, it is a common question friends always as me, "What brand are you wearing now?"

In college, I switched to Lancome. That was primarily out of necessity. Clinique didn't actually have a foundation that was light enough for my complexion. In law school, I switched to MAC. Post law school I went to Laura Mercier, then Chanel, next was Trish McEvoy and now currently Armani. I know! My friend Lisa claims I'm kind of a make-up slut! That's really funny because I'm super loyal with other things. I have the exact same checking account that I opened in 6th grade, for example. In fairness, while I have changed brands, I've had the same little make-up sales person at Neimans for well over 10 years.

At this moment, I'm not 100% Armani though. Here is the breakdown:

Primer & Foundation: Armani
Powder: Laura Mercier
Blush: Nars (or Armani if I use liquid blush)
Eyeshadow: Chanel, Armani, or Trish McEvoy (depending on the day)
Eyeliner: Armani or maybe Trish
Lipstick: Armani

Of course, what I listed above doesn't include everything I use. I also use a great thing by Trish McEvoy called line refiner. You put it on before your concealer and it helps. For concealer, I found a fantastic cheap-o concealer stick by Max Factor called Erace. It was recommended by In Style Magazine last year and this year and the only place I could find it was Albertsons. For mascara, I love Prescriptives False Eyelashes, but have been wearing Cover Girl Lash Exact for a couple of years because it is way cheaper and I go through it so often. Speaking of favorite non-make-up item that I use daily and wouldn't think of leaving the house without using is my eyelash curler! The best, bar none is by shu uemmura (they also make the false eyelashes I like, but I'm bad at putting them on, so never wear them).

I do usually try to go about twice a year to the make-up counter and switch it up. To be honest, I've really got about every color of everything they make, so the switch up visit has become less fun. I also have lost my favorite make-up artists, so this spring trip was a bust and I ended up returning almost everything because the eye shadow combination ended up making me look like I had had a black eye that was in the healing process (you know kind of yellowish, greenish, purpleish...real pretty). That is partly why I'm a little schizo on the eyeshadows and mixing it all up. There is a pallet of Chanel that I bought a couple of years ago that I'm liking again.

So yes Anne, I do still love to buy the make-up...some things just never change! Thanks for the post suggestion! By the way, I had 5 comments on my last entry! I'm so excited because I've never had that many comments!!!


Emilymud said…
Wow...I never knew so many brands were out there. I guess that would be because I am in no way a make up person. If I ever need help you are the 1st and probably only person I will call up.
Ann said…
You should meet my cousin Robin (Spotted-Bird). She is my personal shopper- I bet you two would hit it off!

Other than changing the colors of my eye shadows, I have worn the same makeup for the past 10 years. Next time I'm in the Dallas area, we may have to meet, so you can help me break all my old habits.

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