Sunday, April 19, 2009

List Progress

Alright, here is the progress report on my "To Do" list:

Finished watching General Hospital for the week- Done!
Watched disk 2 of "In Treatment"- Done!

Kidding... not about doing those things, but that they were anywhere close to being on my "To Do" list!

In all seriousness, I think that I did accomplish a lot this weekend. Since there are a few more hours left in the day, I hope that this isn't a complete list of things accomplished. Yesterday I did manage to unload the dishwasher and re-load it (because you see it had needed to be unloaded for so long, it basically is full again immediately!), and I did ALL of my laundry and got it hung up/folded and put away.

I also tackled my "organize my closet" item on the list.

Here are some before photos...
I purchased a case of the clear shoe boxes 3 1/2 years ago when I moved into my house. The plan was that out-of-season shoes would be stored in them (see above) and that the shoes I am currently wearing would be stored on the shelves (see below).
This plan hasn't worked so well. I have discovered that often shoes are dusty when I get ready to wear them and I had to store shoes in three different spots (see below for spot #3). Also, I had purses on various shelves and not all together (see below)
So I had the idea to go back to The Container Store and get an additional case of clear shoe boxes. There are 20 boxes to a case and figured that with the 20 I already had, that should be plenty...then I got home. As I started looking around I realized, "Crap! I've got a lot of shoes!". So I went back for another case. You see this has really been a project a few weeks in the making. Okay, here are the results...

Another view of this shelf unit...
Another portion of the closet...
This is the other part of the project that took a while...
I took photos of all my shoes and put them on the inside of the box so that I can clearly see which shoe is in which box. Taking the photos took longer than I thought. I did that last weekend. It also took a little longer this weekend to assemble them because they didn't exactly fit, so I had to crop the photos before taping them inside.

Here are all my bags all on one shelf. I think that I'm going to make (or have my grandmother make) storage bags for all the purses that don't have one. That way they won't get all dusty and nasty while not in use.
Today, I had to make a trek back to Walmart so I purchased another 3 tier spice rack to organize my stuff in the closet... I'm sure the folks at Walmart had no idea how many uses I could come up with for their 3 tier spice rack!

That was the extend of Saturday's accomplishments. Today since it wasn't raining, I planned to tackle some of the outdoor items on my list. I thought I had planned well and made a trip to Walmart on Friday so that I would have everything I needed for my project and be all set to go...HA! In the middle of my darn project, I had to go back to Walmart for more spray paint (the original 5 cans I purchased weren't enough)!
What was I spray painting? Well first, I was redoing my pots.
They all looked chipped and worn like this:
I decided to paint them black so that they would look like this:
Now, I think they look a little "Adam's Family" right now, but I think once I plant flowers in them they will be okay. I also sprayed the cross that sticks in the pot (see above) black, my metal Eiffel Tower lawn ornament and my Double T rain gauge black. Basically if it didn't run away from me today, it got a coat of black paint (luckily, Lola is still white even though she came dangerously close to me and the spray paint)!

I also repainted the outdoor lawn furniture, but I will take those photos later once it is dry and post them later.
Finally, I managed to plant the few things I purchased on Friday... a hibiscus, a couple of ferns on the front porch and a mint plant (so I can make these drinks I discovered in Mexico last year).
On a happy note, look at my roses!
I planted several "Earth Kind" roses last year. These roses are suppose to be Texas hardy. They don't get diseases, are kind of draught tolerant and even thoough they are a product of those darn Aggies, they are still pretty great! This is the climbing bush I planted last year and it has gone nuts! Click on the Earth Kind in quotes above for the link to the website.



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