Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Straw...

I hate doing yard work. You know, the mowing, weedeating, and blowing off the sidewalk, etc. Many of you lucky readers have husbands to do this task, I of course, do not. I had a lawncrew when I lived in Dallas. They came every week and it was wonderful. When I moved to McKinney, I decided I would do it myself to save money.

I have basically hated every minute of the lawn work since. I have a very tumultuous relationship with my weed eater. First, when I bought the thing, the stupid guy at Home Depot told me to buy the curved shaft weed eater because it is easier for women to use. Maybe short women, but it kills my back! When it comes to refilling the string, well, that is just very unpleasant. If you were on the other side of the fence, you would probably think I had a sailor visiting, because lots of cursing occurs!

When I moved here, my Dad gave me his mower that was "the best one he ever had!" but of course it died every 10 minutes of use when I was mowing with it. Last year I inherited another lawn mower and my Dad said that it was even better than the other one I had. It did pretty well last year with a few exceptions...nothing I couldn't fix. This year, I have hired my yard mowed once and mowed twice myself. The first time was a couple of weeks ago. The darn mower died every minute for the first 7 or 8 minutes until it was up and running. I though, no big deal, it has been sitting all winter without being used, it's just a little rusty.

Today I decided to mow before the rain hit because my fence construction is suppose to start as early as tomorrow (depending on rain) and once they put up the temporary fence to keep Lola in, I won't be able to get the mower into the back yard. Today I had the same problem with it quitting, but it only did it like 5 times. Then as I was finishing and pushing it back to the garage, I heard a crack and the darn back wheel cracked, broke completely and the wheel fell off! I will repeat it... The stupid wheel fell off and cannot be put back on!!!

This really may be the straw that broke the camel's back on the yard work. I figure I should just sell my lawn equipment and get a lawn crew on retainer. It would really be a win win win situation: Win 1- I wouldn't have to find the time or energy to do the work, Win 2- I wouldn't have to worry about getting everything working and keeping it workable, and Win 3- I wouldn't have to find the space in my garage for storing 2 mowers and the other stuff.

Now, do you think that anyone will be interested in a three wheeled mower on Craig's List?


Ann said...

I hate yard work too! You are better than I am- I don't even attempt it. My husband has been really busy at work, so I hired someone to come do it- even though I have all the working equipmant in the garage. I say get the yard guy on retainer!


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