Wednesday, April 15, 2009


I taught class this morning but as of 8:50, I was taking a day off (well for the most part anyway). Today was the day that Suzanna and I were headed to the Hotel Zaza to visit the ZaSpa. The hotel, restaurant and bar are so great I had really high hopes...which as usual probably isn't a good thing. I always find that it is so much better to have low expectations and be thoroughly surprised than for it to go the other way around.

Don't get me wrong, a massage is a massage and that is always nice. I think that my biggest complaint about the place is that it really seems like an afterthought (I think it may really be one too). In addition, my massage lady was kind of mean. When she called me, we were placing our lunch orders (because the spa staff had been dragging their feet in getting our order) and when I didn't come immediately she yelled at me that "time was wasting!". I appreciate that she wanted me to get my full massage, but someone yelling at you isn't a good way to start your relaxation! Then at some point I apparently tried to "help" her when she was lifting my leg and she yelled at me again. Other than that, she gave me a pretty good massage.

We were planning to have lunch at their Dragonfly restaurant, but when I told the lady booking the spa stuff that, she said "Oh, we can just order it and bring it up to the spa for you." So fine, that was the plan. Turns out, there really isn't a good place for us to eat lunch and then those jerks added $7 to each of our lunch items for bringing it up. That kind of crap just drives me nuts!

Anyway, aside from the complaints, it was a nice departure from the norm. I'll just know for the future that if it isn't "Spa Week" and I'm going to shell out for a full price massage, I would rather have my little spa in Allen than the "fancy" ZaSpa!

ZaSpa was selling my new Clarisonic face cleaning device. I have already been questioned about how I'm liking it, but the thing is, I haven't used it yet! It says in the instructions that you are suppose to charge it for 24 hours before using. I was sooooo tempted last night (think fruit in the garden of eden tempted), but I didn't succumb because I figured since it was expensive I didn't want to screw it up! I will use it tonight for the first time and let you know.


Traci said...

Boo on that lady! No one should have to endure that before a massage.

I'm so glad you found Courtney. She reminds me of you alot! That quick wit is important to have! :)


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