Friday, May 8, 2009

End of Week Wrap Up

This has been a fairly busy week so I haven't had as much of a chance to blog about every boring detail of my life. The week was busy for several reasons. First, it is the last week of classes at the college...YEA! This means lots of wrap up stuff that needed to be done.

Also this week, I was busy with lawyering. We picked up several new clients this week which is great. Here are some photos of what else I've been up to this week:

This is what I do at 10:00 on a Thursday night while watching DVR'd "Grey's Anatomy" and bleaching my teeth...
I pot some plants...
in the kitchen. Probably not the best idea to pot plants inside the house, but I can't see the tv when I'm in the garage or outside!
That's what dustbusters are for!
Today I worked toward finishing the backyard decorating.
I purchased a big rug for the patio and a candle for the table between the chaise lounges (kind of hard to see in this photo). Also, sadly, you can see that I need a new fence on that side of the yard too... UGLY!
I still have to paint two more pots black so that they all match, and to re-pot a giant plumaria and a small hibiscus.
I also started painting my back door black a few weeks ago, but between rain, heat and the high humidity, I haven't been able to put the final (& third!) coat of paint on it, so that is why you still see blue tape around the window and door knobs.

I paid the lawn crew who does my neighbor's lawn to do mine today, so that chore is already checked off my "to do" list for the weekend!


Abby said...

I love that pot, where did you get it?

Kara said...

Tuesday Morning is where the planter came from. They had three sizes, this was the smallest.


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