Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Don't Fence Me In!

Just Kidding... It's more like Please Fence Me In! Thank goodness the rain held out and the fence guys actually showed up today! If you hadn't seen the previous fence, I wish you had, because then you could compare. It was pretty ghetto. It was rotting and falling over, in fact I have had it propped up by 2x4's for the past 9 months at least. As far as the gate, well, let's just say that the gate wasn't really even fully attached (luckily Lola isn't the type to actually test those sorts of things)!

Here is the finished product (pretend like it is stained because that will quickly be a project for me to tackle):

It's all pretty self explanatory, except I have to add something about my new gate... it has this nifty little slide thing that will lock it. Now, nobody can steal my baby (not that they would really want her spoiled little self anyway)!


Emilymud said...

I love it...I really like the gate part. It looks very nice and in my mind I have stained it!

Poor me finishing up my last day of Swine-cation....thanks for the heads up!

Ann said...

It looks great!


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