Friday, May 29, 2009

Hand Sanitizer

Okay, so people are still a little Swine Flu crazy around here as you might have gathered from my report about them taking my temperature before allowing me to enter the country. I swear I have never been so nervous to have my temp taken before!

All around the hotel I have noticed they have these very nice looking "soap" dispensers sitting around. On them they say "hands sanitizer". Last night as I waited for the hostess to seat me for dinner, I thought, "why not" and took a big squirt. As I started rubbing it into my hands, it immediately hit me, "this is not your average American hand sanitizer". It felt like you were rubbing liquid soft soap all over your hands. I kept telling myself it would get better, so I kept rubbing and rubbing. No luck. Once you finally rubbed it all in, your hands felt super sticky. I may end up with Swine, but that is the last of the Mexican Sanitizer I use!

On another note, I am thus far enjoying traveling alone with one exception.... the comments. Everyone has to comment on my aloneness. It is really getting annoying. I'm getting "why?". That one is easy, last minute trip and I didn't know anyone who could or would come with me. "Why are your not married?" That is another popular one with a more and a more difficult one to answer. I swear the next person that asks, I may conjure up a lie and tell them this was my honeymoon, but my fiance died (ran off, i dumped him, and a multitude of other excuses could be inserted here). Maybe they will stop asking!!!!

Funnily, I tried to blog earlier today, but got on a computer with a mexican keyboard instead of an american one and I couldn't find the @ key, so I couldn't log onto blogger! I have had a very enjoyable day doing nothing but laying on the beach, being served drinks and guacamole while reading an ENITRE novel. According to my e-mails, my poor business partner has been having a horrible day, so I feel bad. (a little bad) (not so bad, i wish i was there and not here!)



Spotted-Bird said...

What book did you read? I am looking for a good book. We are going to be traveling a lot in the next few weeks and need something good to read.

Traci said...

Yeah, I want to know what book you read also.

Maybe sanitizer got lost in the translation and it's actually soap! You will have to tell me where you went! It sounds oh, so fab!

Ann said...

People ask too many questions! I'm glad you are having a good time!

I got my Tech bobble. It is so cute. Now I just have to find a necklace.

Have a margarita for me!

Abby said...

I am sorry people are asking you lots of questions. Tell them that your fiance had swine flu and got pulled when they took his temperature...your just tragic about it and all!

I love guac and margaritas. I'd love to be sharing in your fun!


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