Thursday, May 28, 2009


Hola! Okay, I'm seriously about to run out of spanish words I know... Gracias for reading! There! I'm done. That's all I know!

Well I have arrived safely at the resort in Puerto Vallarta. I lucked out on the plane and was able to get my entire row to myself. Upon arrival, they took our temperatures. Making sure we don't have the swine. Last year the immigration room had masses of people and it took over an hour to process through. This year, it took 30 seconds.

The taxi driver took me on the scenic route through town and I guess he thought I looked hip and happening because he showed me where all the "very good discotecas" (sp?) are located. I didn't have the heart to tell him that my late nights here at the hotel would be consumed with watching the Bridget Jones, Gilmore Girls and Jane Austen DVDs I brought with me!

Upon arrival here at the hotel, I tried to talk myself into an upgrade. I did, but it would have been on the 4th floor. I opted for my regular room on the 8th floor.

I won't be able to post photos, but I will try to blog regularly from paradise.

Off to unpack!

P.S. I cannot get the spellcheck to work, so you all will come to find what a horrible speller I am. Another funny, a lot of the blogger information is in spanish! If only I had learned some in all my semesters of it!


Spotted-Bird said...

So glad to know that you are going to blog while in paradise. That would freek me out if the spell check didn't work on blogger.

Sounds like you have had a great trip so far. A row all to myself would make it the perfect trip to me.

Emilymud said...

I am so jazzed for you. ENJOY every second of it!

Abby said...

jealous does not even begin to describe how I feel right now. What would have happended if you had a fever...send you home?


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