Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Party Goods

I'm hosting a Baby Shower for my cousin Jennifer in June. I guess this means I'm back on the shower hosting circuit after my self imposed year of being "done with showers!". She is having a boy, which means (at least in my opinion), not cute choices for party stuff. I went to Hobby Lobby to have a looksie today and was super surprised by their Party Goods selection as a whole. I say that with one caveat...their printable invitations selection has been greatly decreased.

For a little background, when my law partner, Jennifer, was having little Josh, I decided that I was going to have a Nursery Rhyme themed shower. Well guess what folks, there are no Nursery Rhyme theme party goods out there! Can you believe it?! I couldn't! I actually found bits and pieces from the U.K., but decided ordering from overseas for stuff that really wasn't that good in the first place was a tad bit excessive.

Okay, so imagine my surprise today when I found the following items at Hobby Lobby!

How cute are they. I also think they have some invites that are printable... I'll keep you posted.
They also had some other really cute party goods.
This was for a princess party...
But you know what I was thinkin'...

How adorable would these be for a fun bridal shower?!? You know for a fun lovin' girl who kind of thinks she is a princess anyway (yeah, I'm kind of describing myself, but still missing the prince in this equation!). In case you can't read them, the napkins say "Once Upon a Time" and the Plates read "and they lived happily ever after".

Here are just some additional examples of the cute stuff they had...

I say Thumbs Up to Hobby Lobby for cute party goods! (even though I still think you suck for not being open on Sundays when I want to Hobby...hey they could open at noon and their employees could still go to church!)



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