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School's Out!

All exams have been graded and all grades have been posted...yeah! Three weeks off until Summer school starts (at least that is if my class makes, if not then I have 8 weeks off until my second summer school class will start).

I'm a little bit bummed because right after Spring semester last year, I spent several days like this:
Oh how I wish I was Mexico bound right now! I hear Puerto Vallarta calling my name, but sadly I'm not able to answer this year. I did consider it, but the reports of violence got the best of me once I read that kidnappers would inject you with acid if your family couldn't make ransom demands. Once Mom and Dad purchased the Rock Star Tour Bus, I figured chances of money left for my ransom were slim to none!

I did recently receive the semi-annual edition of Budge Travel's Girlfriend's Getaway guide in the mail. They published what they call "the bliss list". It says, "Pack your bags and gather your girls...these eight destinations have everything you need to relax, renew and bond all over again!".

The eight places are:

(1) Santorini, Greece
(2) Niagara Falls, N.Y.
(3) Paia, Maui
(4) Tulum, Mexico
(5) Sausalito, California
(6) Savannah, GA
(7) Montego Bay, Jammaica
(8) Bora-Bora, French Polynesia

The exciting news is that I am in the planning stages of a trip to one of these destinations in October! My friend Jenn and I are having a girls getaway. Jenn used to live in Florida (1 mile from beautiful beaches) and visiting her there was enough of a getaway, but last summer she moved to Fayetteville, North Carolina.

Which of the destinations are we headed to? Santorini? Lord knows I wish! Bora-Bora? Not likely. Maui? Would be nice too.

Here are some photos of our destination...

Hey, Yall! We are Savannah bound! I'm planning to fly into North Carolina so I can visit Jenn's peeps and see her new house and then we will drive (4 hours) to Savannah for a few days. I think I'm going to fly back home directly from Savannah. I have selected our hotel and have started selecting restaurants... of course there will be a stop at Paula Deen's Lady and Son's! We aren't certain about the exact dates because we are waiting on Jenn's husband to return from Iraq and get his work schedule in order ('cause you know we are leaving him on kid and puppy duty). I'm very excited though!!!


Oh, I am SO SO SO jealous! You are going to LOVE Savannah. If you haven't read Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil, it is a must before you go. (Just watching the movie won't do it). I have it if you need it. We actually saw one of the people discussed in the book when we were there. You are going to have so much fun!

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