Monday, May 4, 2009

Showers & Flowers

As the saying goes, "April Showers bring May Flowers"! That's certainly the case here at my house. All of my roses are really blooming out. I've shown enough photos of the climbing rose bush (whose official name is Climbing Pinkie for those of you who have asked), so here are some of my other roses...

This is the cutest and meanest rose bush out there! The leaves and flowers are tiny as are the thorns, but they are the most prickly razors! It is called "The Fairy" and is also one of the Earth Kind varieties. The buds start out hot pink, then bloom to this color and then as they have been bloomed for a while, or when the weather gets warmer, they fade to a pale pink. There are hundreds of buds on the bush, so I'm sure you will see more of this little fairy in future blogs.
Here is another Earth Kind bush, called "Sea Foam". It is white and more fragrant than other varieties. It is not a climber but more of a trailer and acts kind of like ground cover. I planted two of these last year. One never put out leaves and died, this one put out leaves, but never bloomed. This is the first I've seen of it's blooms and it has several, so I'm excited about that!
Here is a Hibiscus that is in full bloom. It actually has three of these beautiful flowers blooming right now. It reminds me of Puerto Vallarta and makes me want to go immediately (sans Swine Flu of course). I also have a really tropical looking yellow hibiscus that is in between blooming right now.

I think Dragon Wing begonias are so pretty. The flowers look very exotic to me, or at least like they would be temperamental; however, they are very deceiving and are actually super hardy and easy to grow.
All of my flowers have done so well in the last couple of weeks and have grown a ton! I think it is because of all the rain we have had. I believe that all plant life does so much better when watered from the heavens instead of the chlorinated water from the tap.
On another yard related subject, the fence guys were a no show today. My neighbor told me they were suppose to be back to finish the job today. I was hopeful because rain is in the forecast several days this week, but it wasn't predicted for today. Hopefully they will finish soon!
Finally, some wrap up from the Canton trip. I discovered this past visit to Canton that you can (and maybe should) do at least one of the following three things to EVERYTHING: (1) Decoupage, (2) Glitter, and/or (3) add some bling. I've never seen so much of those things. Things you would never even think of throwing some glitter on, had it and sold for tons of $$$ and sometimes even looked kind of good! I'm vowing to head to Hobby Lobby and purchase some crafting products and get started!
Finally, for those of you who expressed interest in the jewelry place, I have a website for you. I don't know if they ship or not, but you could contact them and see. Their website is



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