Friday, May 8, 2009

Welcome Back!

Since I haven't posted several days this week, you're getting a two-for! I forgot to put some info in my earlier blog and also have been a bit productive since posting earlier, so here is the rest of the info.

First, I'm saying "Welcome Back" to the water in the door function on my ice box (yes, I call it that most all of the time...don't know why...never actually had an ICE box). It stopped working this winter. After going through all the steps in the troubleshooting book, I determined that the water line was frozen up which according to the book I was suppose to "call a repairman" to fix it. My mom researched it on the internet and sent me a list of instructions of how to fix it. It was pretty complex and I determined that if I tackled it, the whole darn ice box might stop working, and then I never got around to calling the repairman either. I ended up buying lots of bottled water the past few months. I was thinking today, "I wonder if that might have thawed out since the water has warmed up some?". I tried it today and sure enough, it works! Apparently the water function just likes to take the winter off, and I think I'm fine with that.

I'm so happy to be able to fill up my pink water canister with water and see it in the ice box when I open the door!
I tackled another project this afternoon despite the hot and humid weather.

Here was the problem...

This plumaria was in a pot that was too small and the pot was also cracking. I have needed to move it to a larger pot for a couple of years, but couldn't really find the right pot. Let me clarify...I could find pots, but not one that didn't require a loan from the bank to purchase. Calloway's had a 20% off sale and then I had a coupon for $5 off every $25, so I bit the bullet and bought a new pot.

Here's the new pot...
Hmmm... not really sure how to tackle this project.
Maybe it I lean it over and just finish breaking the pot.
Good Lord! Look what I found! I was growing quite the sweet potato crop in that old pot from my decorative sweet potato vines.
Here is the finished product (well I still need to plant some stuff around the edges to make it prettier). Hopefully with new soil and a larger pot, it will put out leaves and be blooming before too long.



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