Thursday, June 25, 2009



I got my Neiman's bill in the mail today (sigh). Anyway, Neimans puts these little inserts inside your bill advertising products, you know, so you can continue adding up your debt to them. One of this months inserts was this:

I love this flatware. The bees on each piece are so cute, I can't stand it. I'm not sure I can live without it.
Okay, so since I've been asked, here is the info on price. Thing is, I don't think it is CRAZY expensive (of course, you may think I'm crazy for thinking it isn't really that expensive)...
The 45 piece set (which includes 8-five piece place settings plus a five piece hostess set) is $174.90. It is by Wallace Silversmiths and is 18/10 stainless steel. It's called "Napoleon Bee".


The Ffrench's said...

Wow those are so cute I can hardly stand it either. I assume you have looked up the price by now and I am guessing it ain't cheap !!!!

Ann said...

Don't encourage me!

Abby said...

I have no idea what flatware cost but I think that sounds reasonable (you know for Neimans and all...right 175 for eight place settings?), maybe i'm crazy.

Anonymous said...

i hate to enable you but that seems like a really good price to me.


The Ffrench's said...

You should totally get that...that sounds like an awesome price. Way less then what I would have thought and soooo cute too :)


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