Monday, June 15, 2009


If you look up the definition of pathetic (and probably, p.o.'d),
you would see this photo.
I just dropped off my bi-weekly bag of cash at the vet. Lola still has the infection in her foot also known as pododermatitis. I don't think she was on antibiotics long enough, so we are in for another 2 weeks. We are also doing more antihistamines and a steroid spray on her paw. I have to be sure she doesn't ingest any of the spray because it will wreck her weak pancreas, so NO licking while wet. I'm a little stressed out by this whole situation!
Lola is just getting the feel for her E Collar (don't call it a lampshade collar or the pot smoker guy working at Petsmart will mock you...seriously). Right now she is running into furniture, because she hasn't gotten the wider clearance thing down just yet. That's okay, I do the same thing with my butt all the time!

Do you think this girl appreciates that I went to Petsmart so that I could get her a cute pink lampshade collar? Yeah, I don't think so either!


courtney said...

i'm sure she was THRILLED to pose for those pictures, too! :)

we need to get one of those for baxter. he's STILL chewing on his tail!

Traci said...


lampshade coller
pot smoker guy
hitting things with butt

Luv it!!

Emilymud said...

Oh poor Lola! I hear your pain with the collar thing....I love that you got her a pink one! I had no idea they came in designer colors.

I think if you let Lola come play she could maybe learn how to send flowers. I mean Winston is always up for teaching some one his tricks.

Good luck on the whole running into things...I was laughing so hard at this post.

Spotted-Bird said...

Poor Lola. She has a great mom! Who knew the collars were so popular that you could choose different colors. I am amazed at the things they come up with.

Ann said...

Poor Lola! She looks so sad. It is hard being the Mommy- we often have to do hard things for the benefit of our babies.

The Cooper Family said...

Has she been taking advice from Lucy??? I am so sorry! I know what you are going through!

Cathy said...

Traci said it best

lampshade collar
pot smoker guy
hitting things with butt

Luv It.

The Ffrench's said...

Poor Lo !!! Annie and Maisy feel her pain as they have both had this lovely experienced and felt just as dejected and embarrassed. I do like the snazzy pink though...mine was institutional white. Hope she gets better soon.


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