Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Random Photos

Okay, I'm going to post some photos from Mexico that you might actually want to see, but first, here are some photos of things that I thought a little odd, or things I liked, or just random things.

As you can see, I brought all my "friends" to Mexico. Don't you even think for a second that I go to the beach without make-up on!
I think "Coca Light" sounds so much better than "Diet Coke". Diet is such a horrible word why can't our Coke be called "Coke Light"?
Here is a photo of the Do Not Disturb Sign. I don't know Spanish, so I'm not 100% sure what "No Molestar" means, but I was pretty sure that I didn't want any of that either!
Well I'll be! I didn't even need to bring my Pride and Prejudice DVD, it was on T.V. the night I got there!


Emilymud said...

Make up on the beach...NO WAY! When you head to the beach you don't need make up, silly girl. You are just to chill and relax! I love the random pic


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