Saturday, July 25, 2009

Christmas Food

Everyone knows that food is a terribly important part of Christmas! I mean, seriously, it is a month long eating holiday (from Thanksgiving to Christmas).

My first memories of Christmas food take me back to The St. Bernard in Taos. They had a french chef and our meals were 7 courses daily for the entire 7 days were were there. Luckily, I wasn't a particularly picky eater as a child, so I didn't starve to death! I remember that we ALWAYS had Baked Alaska and a Yule Log on Christmas Eve which I thought was the bee's knees!

Now that we don't travel so much for the Holidays, we kind of have a consistent menu...

On Christmas Eve, we go to some family friends' house for dinner which always is Prime Rib.

On Christmas, we usually have a Ham that I have stood in line for (while possibly freezing- depending on the crazy Texas weather) at The Honey Baked Ham Company. My Mom's brother used to be in charge of picking up and bringing the ham until the year he forgot it! Now, to get the gravity of this, he lives 2 hours from my Mom. To make matters worse, my parents live in a very small town where the (yep, there's only one) grocery store is closed on Christmas Day. My poor Mom spends hours planning the menu every year. She make sure the tastes go together, the colors look pretty on the plate, etc. That year, Mom hit the wine and we all scrambled to figure out how not to have a vegetarian dinner! Now, I'm in charge of the ham and every year Mom yells at me "Don't forget the ham!" just like I was the one who did it in the first place!

One of my favorite things that I can usually only talk Mom into making on Christmas is Red Velvet Cake. Here is a photo of the 6 layer cake that we make

Okay, this isn't the actual cake we made, this is a photo from Southern Living. I really think this is THE BEST Red Velvet Cake EVER! It is so moist and the cream cheese icing, well, I love it, I swear you could put cream cheese icing on dog biscuits and they would be delicious. Click below for the recipe.


laterg8r said...

love the pic - we love trifle in our family but you fooled me into thinking that was your cake LOL

Maggi said...

LOL Love the ham story!!

printersdevil said...

6 layers of Red Velvet cake. I am in heaven!

Personalized Sketches and Sentiments said...

yum! Red Velvet cake is my favorite! (I have to break down and buy me a slice from the store, every-so-once-in-a-while...(if I made a whole one, I couldn't help but eat the whole thing!!!)


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