Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Happy Birthday Meme!

Today is my Meme's Birthday! She has been a wife to my Papa for 61 1/2 years. A mother to 3 son's and 1 daughter. Grandmother to a slew of us grandkids and now a great-grandmother to several little ones (and a puppy named Lola).

Meme is probably the family member that I have logged the most travel miles with even though we've only gone on a couple of trips together. In 1997, when I graduated from college, Meme and I took a trip to London. Since I had studied over there the summer before, I was the tour guide for the trip and drug Meme all over the city of London (even managed to see The Queen and Prince Phillip thank you very much), and all the way up to Edinburgh, Scotland.

Here is a photo of Meme in St. James Park in London
from our 1997 trip
The next year, after I graduated with my Master's, we took a two week trip all over England, Ireland and Scotland.
Meme is a very talented artist and I wish I had her gift for painting. She and I both do enjoy many things in common though... we both enjoy reading, we enjoy many of the same specials on PBS, we both love to travel, we love to watch "Gone With The Wind", and both love to listen to the "Seriously Sinatra" channel on her satellite radio.
Happy Birthday Meme! We love you!


Abby said...

Happy Birthday to your sweet MeMe as well.

Ann said...

MeMe is a beautiful woman. Happy birthday!

Alaska Girl said...

Aw I love MeMe, I sure wished I loved a little closer...
AK is home for a little while longer, contemplating a move to AZ or CO at some point...
Hope all is well,


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