Wednesday, July 15, 2009

My 4 new Best Friends

Here are some photos of my 4 new best friends. Do you see what they all have in common?

They all are trying to keep me cool. I thought that my A/C was broken and have waited since Monday to have a technician come out and fix it. It just runs, and runs, and runs, and runs, and only cools to maybe 80 degrees if I'm lucky. Well the technician who was suppose to be here from 8-12 today, showed up about 2:30 and did a check on my A/C system. According to him, it's working like a champ (which is surprising to say the least based on its track record).

The problem seems to be that my attic has all of 6 inches of insulation and not near enough vents. I guess this long string of 100+ degree days has just caused my attic to basically resemble hell. It is registering 135 degrees plus up there. I need a fix and quick. I have found that I need to win the lottery to remedy this situation as insulation and radiant barriers are costly. I was told that TXU would give me a rebate to re-do the insulation. I though great! A little help with the cost. They offer $57! Not per month either. That is a one time rebate! That really helps defer the thousands of dollars in cost! GIVE ME A BREAK! Another option is DIY. Jennifer and her husband may come early Saturday morning and we may tackle it ourselves which will save $1200+.

For now, I'm sitting really still in front of my new BFs and will continue to sleep on my couch because that is coolest place in the house!


courtney said...

oh hon, that sucks! i feel for you. there is nothing i hate more than being hot! there is no way i would ever live in texas if it weren't for AC.

i hope you get it all fixed soon!!

Traci said...

Kara, I am SO sorry! I hope y'all get that resolved soon!

Just wanted you to know that when I clicked on your page, Riley saw all the fans and had a fit! He looked at your blog for about 10 minutes. He loves fans!! Every time we go to Walmart, we have to buy one! See, I am in pain, too. Just a different kind of pain! LOL

The Ffrench's said...

That stinks Kara...I hope you are able to DIY into a cooler house soon !!!

Abby said...

Do you really believe the airconditioning man that your air conditioning works. You know sometimes those home warranty people aren't the best...I have experience with them.

I've heard about that radiant barrier stuff. I super feel for you if your doing it in the middle of the heat wave. Geez it's going to be hot up there!

Spotted-Bird said...

WOW! Not good.


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