Tuesday, July 21, 2009

One out of Three

Another great aspect to having a cool house is that I'm able to sleep in my wonderful bed again. Don't get me wrong, my new couch is nice to sleep on, but I'm happy to be back in my room.

Unfortunately, my sleep hasn't been quite as nice as I had hoped.

Night one's problem is this cute little bugger...
I kept Milly overnight on Saturday. She was pretty tired, so she slept pretty good, but woke up at 5:45 on Sunday morning!
Night two was wonderful, uninterrupted sleep until my alarm went off.
Night three's problem was Lampshade Lola...
She's back to the constant licking of her paw again. Same paw, different side. This time it is the top. And it is some serious licking (non-stop). She had to sleep with me because her kennel doesn't accommodate the e-collar. She knocked me in the head with that thing a dozen times last night! I have a call in to the vet in WF, but he is off today. I'm hoping for a call in prescription for antibiotics to Walgreens.

Oh, and also I had a restless sleep due to a dream I had all night. I dreamed that I had moved to Mexico and was trying to go from grocery store to grocery store to find things to make dinner for my grandparents. I couldn't find red peppers or olive oil. I also remember seeing the big Target bulls-eye and a sign that said "Target Mas" and I was really excited that "we were getting a Super Target down in Mexico". What do you think this means? Do I need a vacation or have an obsession with Super Target?


Abby said...

I was cracking up about your dream. I don't know what it means, but I am sure you aren't obsessed with Target!!

The Cooper Family said...

I think I may start calling it Target Mas. I love it!

Ann said...

I love Target Mas! It is quite possible I have an addiction too.


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