Wednesday, July 1, 2009

This is my life

I get a text tonight saying What are you doing tonight? Now it didn't come from anyone who is plugged in as a contact on my phone, which are really the only people in the world who I know that might care about "what I'm doing tonight" and even then, I don't think most of them do.

So I text back and say Who is this? I get back an answer of Austin (not really his name, but I'm changing it due to the next part of the story). Now the ONLY Austin I know, is a ex of one of my good friends and I'm over 100% certain that he would NOT be texting me, let alone care what "I'm doing tonight" (he's a little scared of me, but that's another story. Really I am sweet as sugar and wouldn't hurt a fly :).

So I text back Who? Then I get a reply that says, The only Austin you know! So I say, The only Austin I know wouldn't be texting me and wouldn't care what I'm doing tonight. This time I get a reply of Austin Brown (note this is not anyone I know and has now ruled out the only Austin I do know). I text back You've got the wrong number.

I get a reply No, you remember, I'm Erica's friend. I text back, No, you have the wrong number. He texts back No, You just graduated right. So I text back Nope. Like I said, you've got the wrong number.

Then I expect our conversation is over...but then I would be wrong! I get a text back saying Well what is your name? Seriously? Do kids these days just "hook up" with random people they text?

So I text back Get Lost Dude.

Then, I get a text back saying F*%$ You!

So to sum it all up, the only person who cares what I'm doing tonight, doesn't really know me and ends up cussing me out. This is my life!


Abby said...

That cracks me up!!

Ann said...

Still more entertaining than my evening!

The Ffrench's said...

I am laughing my ass off at your little cartoon guy !!!


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