Saturday, July 11, 2009

Washing Elephants

Well, it's still HOT! I'm sure you are sick of hearing about it, but I'm sick of it being HOT!

Today, I ventured out into the heat to take my friend Billy to lunch for his birthday. I told him he could choose where we were going (since it was his birthday and all) and I would try really hard not to veto his choice. He speculated this meant I would only veto about 11 of his choices instead of the usual 20 vetos, but actually, he selected Pappadeaux, so there was NO veto!

On another note, I found a deal on my favorite cherries at Sam's. I LOVE Ranier cherries, but they usually cost a mint. I found a 2 lb package at Sam's that cost about the same or a little less than 1 lb. usually costs.

Look at these babies!
JOY!!! These perfect cherries bring me joy.
What doesn't bring me joy is laundry. As usual, there is plenty of that to go around. Today I decided that some of Lola's toys needed washing. Specifically, her 3 identical pink elephants (though I think she finds each one to be very unique because she always insists on having all 3 out at once) and her little mini (a little dog that looks like her).
Since Lola's babies were being washed, I got a help with the laundry today.
Keep going, you are not finished Lola
*yawn* Oh Lola, you can't be tired already!
Yep, she's tired already. So much for the help!
Clean elephants = Happy puppy



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