Friday, August 21, 2009

Blocking my Chi

I went to Dallas today to meet up with a blog friend whom (or who?) I had never met in person. I met up with Robin of Spotted-Bird's Nest at Northpark and we had lunch at La Duni. After that we shopped around for a little while. It was so fun to meet someone you feel like you already really know. So I've met one of you blog friends now, several more to go!

Then on my way out of Neiman's I stopped to see my make-up lady, Lettie (make-up lady of 12 years in case you haven't heard that story). I just needed to refill a few products, but then some new colors were screaming my name. I didn't really ever get new colors for summer...well I did, but I returned them and just ended up recycling from a few summers ago.

Lettie said "You have to try this new line of make-up Kara". Lettie has never steered me wrong. She's steered me into debt, but never wrong on make-up.

I sat down and around the counter came this force of nature named Burton. Burton is fresh off the plane from Miami and a deliciously eccentric gay. Anyway, apparently eccentric gays combined with make-up are my Achilles heel, my Samson's haircut, what makes me weak and willpower-less. He took off all my make-up and started afresh.

In addition to eccentric gays, I like eccentric stories for my products, and whoa nelly, does this line of make-up have plenty of eccentric stories. Where to start? First, the foundation and concealer have hyaluronic acid in them. If you remember back to a Sephora skin care shopping trip way back when, hyaluranic acid is one thing I bought to moisturize my face, so this foundation and concealer is like a face treatment on your face all day long.

Then you get to the eye make-up. They sell this set of 4 colors they call the Kaleidoscope Eye Kit. They say it was designed by microsoft. I think this is a bunch of crap. More interesting about the eye shadow is that this line of cosmetics set out to find the best eye shadow they could and they found that some Hasidic Jew in Connecticut makes "the best". For the final eye make-up story, the liquid eye pen is made by famous pen maker Mont Blanc. Eccentric enough for you? It was for me. I bought it all!

Photos of my new make-up
Close-up of the lipstick and lipgloss
The kaleidoscope eye kit...
Close-ups of the 4 colors (they didn't photo all that well)

These are a bit odd in that one doesn't go one place and the other in a different spot. They are made to be layered.

Up close of the eye (please excuse the tired and allergy red eyes as we had storms all night that kept me awake)
And since I didn't go anywhere but the gas station to buy a lotto ticket after I left Neimans, I want to show off the entire look...

Now for the best part of this whole story...

I sit down with Burton and he begins asking me personal questions. This seems to be the norm for these make-up guys. Anyway, turns out Burton wants to be my feng shui consultant (for a fee of course). He gave me his cell number and wants to come to my house and rearrange. He claims that he can feng shui my life and I will find the love of my life within weeks. He is very certain about this. In fact, he said "Don't have me come out unless you are a 100% ready because when we get the energy right in your life, you had better watch out!".

He told me how he started afresh with the move from Miami, got a new apartment, new furniture, feng shui'd it all up and met the love of his life (all of this within the past two weeks).

He said something about the southwest corner of the house is the most important. I said my bedroom was in the southwest corner. He said that the SW corner of the room should have pairs in it. At first, I thought he meant "pears", but then I figured it out when he suggested a pair of candles or a pair of mandarin ducks. I said Where do you find those? He said, "Don't worry, I know where". Okey dokey. Then I said, You know what's in the SW corner of my bedroom? Stacks and piles of pillows that are suppose to be on my unmade bed. This caused Burton to exclaim "Oh NO! You're blocking your Chi!"


courtney said...

How fun that you got to meet up with Robin today! I finally got to meet Robin and Ann last Friday in "real" life--we had fun! Man, I miss La Duni....sigh.

Your make-up looks awesome! I need to actually go get a makeover sometime. I, ashamedly, just pretty much buy "whatever" at the drugstore. Talk about blocking my chi!!

Traci said...

Kara, you look SO pretty!! I haven't been able to afford make-up like that since high school. ha!

I can't wait to see the fung chi or whatever post! :)

laterg8r said...

blocked chi - scandal!

love this post, cracked me up! you look gorgeous, i would have bought all the makeup too if it made me look like that :D

The Ffrench's said...

You look beautiful !!! Love your eyes and the whole thing really !!!

Spotted-Bird said...

So glad we got to finally meet, but so sad I missed Burton.

Personalized Sketches and Sentiments said...

yes, you have very, very pretty eyes! I would love to know what or how to use the make-up!

...Thank goodness, our girls acquired the "make-up-putting" skills and talents from outside our home! haha

The Cooper Family said...

The makeup looks really great! I love the eyes!


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