Monday, August 10, 2009

Commercials I love (at hate).

I am obsessed with this Toyota Prius commercial. I love for it to come on because it makes me happy.

Unfortunately for ever single good commercial, there are about a thousand that make you want to throw your tv out the window. One that is a particular annoyance to me right now is the Subway commercial "$2.99, for a limited time...". Hate it. May never go to subway again just because of it.


Spotted-Bird said...

I can't stand commercials. I hate them so much that we have started recording everything and watching later. That is my idea of good TV.

Abby said...

Apparently they know that here in Mayberry everyone drives a truck or suv, so they don't waste their advertising dollars, because I haven't seen that one. It's cute.

I have been boycotting subway since the five dollar footlong commerical!


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